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For vloggers and instagrammers

Building an audience with vlogs and instagram is absolutely fantastic, but what’s next? How to keep your followers attention? Then you realize you are a tv producer! And from that moment a lot of vloggers need a break. Now it is time to organize your production. To produce a show every week is top sport, tv broadcasters are paying you good money for that!!!
First, you are not going to do this on your own. You have to recrute a team that’s willing to make deals. My suggestion: search for two mates, one for the content (editorial) and one for the technics (camera, editing, design). Make clear and decent deals about the money.
Ask experienced people for advise about this. And make a deal about the limits of coorporation inside this venture. You are the boss, the entrepeneur, it’s your product. As long as you can’t pay anybody you have to write down on paper what will happen when money suddenly comes in en what will happen when you are bought by a tv broadcaster or production company.

Beside these business matters about a succesfull publicity campaign about yourself you can learn a lot from people with experience.
Approach them!

Invest in quality. Equipment nowadays is so cheap that there is no excuse to come home with lousy footage. Stay informed about what’s happening with techniques. Stay update with the guys who rent out stuff you don’t want to buy but defenitly want to hire for that occasion you really need the gear. You don’t want (and probably can’t) buy everything so rental is really a do if you need that something extra.

To keep it short, you don’t want to go to Film University for 4 years, you want it now. Then hire the Live Stream Coach, an experienced producer and fanatic program maker.

Olivier Jansen

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